Just a few words from some of my happy clients.

“My agency, the Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health, contracted with Megan Donahue to craft informational pieces for a new website designed for pregnant and parenting youth. It was such a pleasure to work with Ms. Donahue. She immediately understood the special communication needs of this population and expertly tailored each piece to meet those needs. While she conducted research she made suggestions for additional pieces she thought would be necessary to convey all of the information these teens would need. In the end, then, she actually exceeded the deliverables she had promised. Not only that, but her work was thorough, accurate, and timely. Even more importantly, she took what could be dull subjects, with the potential to read like the phone book, and breathed life into them with her master craftsmanship.” Shelly Hoffman, Executive Director, Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health

“I am a busy business owner and I have worked with Megan Donahue on several different projects. Meg has written articles and sales letters for my professional organizing business. Meg is able to translate my thoughts and ideas into written word that make people notice your business. Her attention to detail is impeccable. At the same time, Meg works fast. I have never known her to miss a deadline. Meg has excellent interpersonal skills as well. She’s extremely patient and knows how to listen well to fully grasp what I am trying to express. Meg is a talented and skilled writer and will turn thoughts into great marketing pieces.” Brigitte Todd, Clutter TOSS Home Organization.

” I was recently working on renovating our website (a physician’s website)  and I was overwhelmed with the amount of content I needed to put together.  I wanted the content to be fresh and original… informational yet easy-to understand.  I asked Megan to help create the content of the new website.  From the first draft she sent me, I knew I had made the right decision.  Megan was able to take the ideas that I had in my head, plus some pretty sophisticated medical information, and express them in a way that was creative, educational and enjoyable to our patients.  She was prompt and affordable as well!  I wouldn’t hesitate to ask her for any writing projects I  may need in the future.”  Benaan Khorchid, Heart and Vascular Institute of Michigan.

“Megan Donahue is a professional and creative writer. I hired Megan to write several stories for Patch. She approached all assignments with an open mind and a desire to excel.  She always delivered compelling, thorough stories before deadline.  When changes needed to be made, she accepted suggestions and worked hard to make improvements. I would not hesitate to contract her for any type of story needed.” Jason Alexander, Communications Specialist.

“Megan was an enthusiastic and responsible worker who volunteered to take on extra assignments when necessary and delivered on time results on a regular basis. Not only was Megan an extremely dependable and reliable employee who wrote excellent articles, she demonstrated admirable skill in communicating with customers, going beyond the scope of her job description to generate satisfaction. Furthermore, Megan continued to forward leads and other relevant data back to me long after she left the company. She was a pleasure to work with.” Monica Friedman, TicketPrinting.com

“My business partner and I had the pleasure of hiring Megan to be our media guru for our makeup studio. Megan was great fit as she brought a ton of wonderful skills to the table. She is an excellent writer, creative, organized, terrific at research, and always game and excited to learn something new.” Ashley Vest, co-owner, The Beauty Parlor Chicago